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Witnessing: The Healing Power of Awareness

Workshop Schedule

Course Schedule

All classes take place 8:00-9:30pm US Eastern, via the video conference platform Zoom.

Summer schedule coming soon!

Tuesday, February 4

          The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Setting Your Goals on Fire

          with Running Coach Mark Spewak


Tuesday, February 11

          Witnessing the Body: Modulating Between Reverie and Reality

          with Movement Coach Davis Saul

Tuesday, February 25

         Witnessing Identity: Owning Your Story

         with Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Max Alaghband


Tuesday, March 3

          Witnessing Money: A Tool for Awareness

          with Financial Coach Jeff Fox

Tuesday, March 10

          Witnessing Via Humor: Finding Truth Through Comedy

          with Comedy Whiz Jake Wallach

Tuesday, March 24

          Witnessing Addiction: Through Darkness, Into Light

          with Heroin to Heroine Founder Kassie Sullins

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