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How to Fail Well


a workshop with Mark Spewak

    How would your life be different if you gave yourself permission to utterly fail?


    What would it take to fully embrace failure as a means of growing into your best self?

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Running Coach and Entrepreneur Mark Spewak

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Teach Myself Founder Will Carpenter

Failure surfaces in our lives in all kinds of ways: failing to live up to goals of self-improvement, starting failed businesses, feeling like an uninformed failure when we start to educate ourselves about injustice and how to root out systems of oppression.


Moving forward in the face of seeming failure is often exactly what it takes to find success.


Entrepreneur and Running Coach Mark Spewak joins us for a workshop about failure and success. We’ll dive into the depths, including healthy definitions of success and failure in the first place, how to confront fear of failure and imperfection, and what it really means to embrace failure as a friend and teacher on your way to success.

  • Thursday, June 25, 8:00-9:30pm US Eastern


  • Online, small-group class, conducted via Zoom


  • You decide the cost ᠆᠆ donate if you like


  • Limited to 9 participants to allow for discussion and individual focus


How to Fail Well

To register, fill out the information below (at least name and email).

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