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Learn how to integrate your spiritual life with career, relationship and day-to-day wellness, for inner and outer fulfillment

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Creating the life you want,
the easy way

Have you been struggling to create the kind of life you want in terms of career, relationships, and conscious, happy day-to-day life?

The difficult path is to try to control the outer circumstances of your life. The easier way is to seek within, harmonize your being, and watch your outer life align with your inner life!

When it comes down to it, self-knowledge is the most direct means to living a happy, authentic, successful life.

Self-Knowledge Unlocks Everything Else!

KNOW THYSELF is a guided one-on-one experience that connects you to every level of self-knowledgephysical, emotional, mental, spiritual—so that you can have a thriving, joyful inner life, that gives you the time, energy and mindset you need to achieve everything you want in your outer life.

Over the course of 5 meetings, you will gain insight to harness your hidden talents, free up "stuck" energy, and enable you to meet the challenges of your life with ease, courage, and ultimately, great success.

KNOW THYSELF is similar to life coachingonly it's supercharged with greater insight, intention, and direction. You'll come away with self-knowledge that will serve you for the rest of your lifeas well as practical tools for joyful, conscious living.

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Things you don't need to do if you want spiritual insight:


- sign up for a long, difficult silent meditation retreat

- sacrifice career success

- neglect personal relationships and responsibilities

- find time in your busy life to 'schedule' meditation that you don't even enjoy

- suffer a lot

Rather, true spiritual practice:


- makes you feel good!

- fits in seamlessly with the rest of your life

- actually GIVES YOU MORE time and energy for career, relationships, and other parts of life

Inner and Outer FulfillmentYou Can Have Both

If you’re sincerely wanting to upgrade your life in a transformative way—to step into knowing and embodying more of your truest, happiest self—inside and out—then KNOW THYSELF is for you.

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Self-knowledge applies to EVERYTHING

This one-on-one program offers you a path to self-knowledge that is direct, profound, and fiercely graceful.

You'll gain self-knowledge through a few different frameworks—each of them grounded into your daily life in practical ways:

- body, mind and soul


- physical, emotional, mental, spiritual


- professional, social, psychological, environmental, financial


- your talents, personal challenges, your shadow self, self-knowledge via self-love, the embodied self

If that sounds like a lot—it is! But, everything in the program is introduced in simple, sequential order—so that you learn, step by step, to tap into deeper and deeper layers of your true potential—and to realize your beautiful, infinite potential in daily life.


"I've been struggling with ________. Does this program help with that?"



KNOW THYSELF is highly adaptive based on the specific challenges you want to address, your current intentions, and what you want out of life.

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Methods that work for YOU

The core of KNOW THYSELF consists of five 60-minute sessions, one-on-one, with me (Will). During the sessions we’ll use methods including reflection, inquiry, meditation, personal guidance, written exercises, and more.


The aim of this personal journey is to equip you with a toolbox of practices to reveal the many faces of the multifaceted jewel that you arethus embodying your abundance, your power, your truth.

You will be empowered to see the challenges of your life in a new lightto undo "stuck energy" surrounding them, to engage in new ways, and ultimately, to triumph, because you are a champion.


This is the standard format of the five sessions:

1. The Call From Within:

Magnifying Your Aim and Devotion

2. Peaks and Valleys:

Your Gifts, Challenges and Life Path


3. Into the Unknown:

Meeting Your Shadow Self


4. The Middle Path:

Self-Harmonizing and Self-Love

5. Joyful Embodiment:

Living Your Fullness


You’ll walk away with a greater:

  • Appreciation of your past, what it's given you, and how to live your purpose in the present

  • Knowledge of how to break through your life's obstacles and cultivate an abiding sense of ease

  • Freedom to live the full, happy, authentic expression of who you areto give of yourself, and to receive what you truly desire

  • Connection to the people in your life, the work that you do, and your own intuitive knowing

  • Joyful, loving, creative daily flow of life that deeply nourishes you and everyone you meet

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your life, in a new light

One-on-One Options



premium Package:




  • five 1-hour, 1-on-1 sessions with Will


  • video replays of each session


  • enjoyable guided meditations that fit seamlessly into your daily life


  • KNOW THYSELF written guidebook


  • a plethora of written materials, exercises, prompts and videos


  • lifetime access to the online KNOW THYSELF libraryvideos and written materials are continually added


  • ...and more!












  • Everything in the Premium One-on-One Package, plus...

  • Your five 1-on-1 sessions with Will are 90 minutes instead of 1 hourthis key difference allows us to go deeper at every step of the program

  • Periodic check-in messages to support and keep you accountable between sessions

  • One 30-minute guided meditation personally recorded for you




What Previous Clients Have to Say

Luis D.

“Will helped our son achieve his goals, gave him the tools to succeed and guided him with kindness and patience.


We highly recommend Will.”

Sandra P.

“If you are looking for a calm, friendly, and highly knowledgeable personal coach that brings out the best in you, then Will is the one for you.


I cannot recommend Will highly enough. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor.”

Emi T.

“Will is a great teacher, compassionate and kind as well!


Would highly recommend him!”

Not sure if this is the right fit for you? Let's talk!

Click below to schedule a free 15-minute discovery call, so that you can make an informed decision.

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Whether you swan dive or
belly flop into the unknown,
you'll be met with pure grace.

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