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Witnessing the Body:

Modulating Between Reverie and Reality

This class is over! It was a good time. Sorry we missed you.

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Movement Coach Davis Saul

Teach Myself Founder Will Carpenter

Even in the womb, you already knew how to turn toward light, sound, and people.

As we develop through play and exploration, we begin to interact with a bigger world. How do we stay present in our bodies in the context of our complicated lives?

Through a mixture of discussion, reflection and exercises, we’ll practice embodied witnessing, exploring ways of on the one hand “seeing” our bodies, and on the other hand making each other feel seen.

Whether you are a very embodied person or have no idea what embodiment means, this class is sure to expose you to new methods of being in relationship with your body and with the people around you.

  • Tuesday, February 11, 8:00-9:30pm US Eastern

  • Online, small-group class, conducted via the free video conference platform Zoom


  • $20 to attend (on sale $5 off), limited to 9 people to allow for discussion and individual focus

More about Davis

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Davis Saul loves movement and its pluripotency. He obsesses daily over movement and its effects on the body-mind continuum. After meeting both Thomas and Sally Leabhart, professors of corporeal mime and Pilates respectively, as well as Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in 2013, he began integrating intensely musculoskeletal practices like yoga, cycling, rock climbing, and swimming with the foundations of affective expression: physical theater and developmental movement.


Davis offers private sessions which include both guided movement, through touch or through verbalization, as well as explorations of touch qualities; however, recently he emphasizes cellular witnessing and collective learning. He feels that reciprocity is critical for a mutual repatterning process.


He currently maintains a movement practice including handstanding, gymnastics rings, rock-climbing, locomotion, microbatics, coordination, breathing, stillness, capoeira, taiji, contact improvisation and among other things, painting. He and Célia Dufournet, teach and make art in Toulouse, France ( His favorite toy as such is the traveling rings (

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