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Witnessing Identity:

Owning Your Story

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Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Max Alaghband

Teach Myself Founder Will Carpenter

In this workshop,

WE WILL unpack our identities ᠆᠆ the stories we tell about ourselves, shaped by our beliefs ᠆᠆ and explore how they impact the way we think, feel, and act.

WE WILL use simple exercises of reflection and body awareness to build empathy and create space for ourselves and others.

WE WILL creatively rewrite our narratives via embodied affirmation.

WE WILL free ourselves to live in empowered relationship with the identities that flow throughout our lives.

  • Thursday, July 23, 8:00-9:30pm US Eastern

  • Online, small-group workshop, conducted via the free video meeting platform Zoom


  • Donation-based ᠆᠆ donate if you like

Registration: Witnessing Identity

To register, fill out the information below (at least name and email).

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