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Witnessing Money:

A Tool For Awareness

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Financial Coach Jeff Fox

Teach Myself Founder Will Carpenter

Money triggers us. We want more of it, then we feel guilty for wanting more. We don’t have enough of it, and experience the stress that comes with that. Or, we have plenty to meet our needs and it still doesn’t bring the happiness we thought it would.


On the other hand, some folks live lives of abundance and freedom, trusting the flow of money in and out of their pockets, spending their time and energy on what’s truly important to them instead of worrying about making ends meet.


Perhaps you’ve had both of the above experiences at different times in your life. Is this just the normal give and take of money, or can we consciously choose financial ease?


This week, Financial Coach Jeff Fox joins us as we collectively unpack our attitudes about money. How we use money reflects our personal values. So, by bringing awareness to your relationship with money, you can better understand yourself and how to align your outward life with your deepest values.


Via discussion, reflection and practical exercises, we’ll explore common mindsets and personal blocks around money, with an eye toward equipping you with actionable methods of creating a life of financial freedom, ease and maybe even generosity. And we might even have some fun doing it!

  • Wednesday, June 3, 8:00-9:30pm US Eastern

  • Online, small-group workshop, conducted via the free video meeting platform Zoom

  • Maximum 9 participants, $15 to sign up

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