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Who is Will Carpenter?

This is the story of how my winding road through teaching, spiritual seeking and self-study led to a fulfilling life of service—using contemplative practice and counseling to help spiritually interested folks integrate their inner and outer lives, for fulfillment in career, relationship, and spirit.

Myself, Teaching

Teaching, tutoring and mentoring are near the core of who I am. As a tutor in my early 20s, I helped many students boost their test scores (especially SAT and ACT), but even more than the test scores, their parents were happy about lasting, positive changes in their child’s mindset, motivation, and overall wellbeing.

I felt like I wanted to “come out of hiding” and openly teach the things that were having the biggest impact — the mental, emotional, and spiritual (“mindfulness”) work that lays the foundation for success in all areas of life. So, I started Teach Myself to do just that.

A Winding Road

On the way to living and teaching what I love, it wasn’t such a straight path. I wandered here and there. I tutored in Washington, D.C., taught English in Taiwan, and corralled toddlers in Wisconsin—but the most challenging path was the inner journey.

Ever since I sat my first meditation course at 20 years old, meditation has been a beautiful foundation of daily life. Also since then (and before), I have gobbled up countless books, courses, and trainings, covering all kinds of techniques and practices for healing mind, body and soul. I learned about so many different aspects of myself, and this self-knowledge facilitated self-healing. I've come to see that self-knowledge is the most direct means to self-healing and fulfillment.

Let's Be Practical

My approach (for myself and for clients) has always been intensely practical: how can we achieve lasting, positive change, in daily life? In my own life, I refused to stay stuck in my problems and anguish. When clients bring the same kind of determination, I witness them empowering themselves on a deep level, to live the joyful, successful kind of life they’ve been yearning for. True happiness starts on the inside, and blossoms into every aspect of life.

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