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Your Story



Here you are welcome to autobiographize


—in other words, to tell your story.

No need to tell the whole thing—just a few words, an episode of your life, something to get off your chest…

You may:


cherish, grieve, worry, wonder, vent


dig in, delight, enchant, forget


minimize, marvel, praise, play, condemn


air, articulate, appreciate, jest


regret, resent, reveal, remember, release


proclaim, explain, forgive, speculate, celebrate, soften, unravel, undo


paint yourself a hero, a fool, an average Jo

Show yourself a little love!

Or not — the choice is yours!

Witness thyself!

A couple promises:


  1. Your story will be seen by one pair of loving eyes

  2. I will not reply, unless you indicate that you want me to.

My Story

Thanks for submitting!

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