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Thanks for joining Witnessing Identity: Owning Your Story from the series Witnessing: The Healing Power of Self-Narrative!


The workshop will take place via the meeting platform Zoom, Tuesday February 25, 8:00-9:30pm US Eastern time.


At that time, all you need to do to join the meeting is click this link:


Sometime before the class, I’d recommend you go ahead and download Zoom for Meetings (this is the Windows link, but it’s also available on Apple, tablet and mobile) and starting a meeting yourself to make sure that your audio and video are working. (During the meeting you are welcome to turn off your audio/video whenever you like, if you’d rather just listen.)


About 10 minutes before the class begins, I’ll email you a link to join the meeting (same link as above). So, you could ignore all of the above and just click that link when it’s time for the class. But I do recommend testing Zoom ahead of time just to be safe.


Leading up to the class, maybe you could direct a little awareness to the stories you tell yourself about yourself, and how those stories play out in your life. Just an idea 😊


See you there!






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