root space

mood: cozy, homespun, heartful, welcoming, aware

methods: inquiry, meditation, contemplation, discussion

intention: presence, awareness, connection

Root Space is a weekly virtual gathering where we come together to reconnect and to meet ourselves exactly where we're at.

root   //   We connect to the depth of who we are, to our foundations, to what gives us strength.

space   //   We come together to hold space for one another — space to be ourselves, space to witness our lives, space to share what’s on our hearts.

A typical meeting looks something like this:

  • welcome and check-in


  • a short guided meditation

                   (beginner-friendly; no experience necessary)


  • introduction to the topic of the week

           (for example, “true connection,” "silence," etc.)



  • communal reflection, heartful sharing and discussion

Q: Who is this for?

A: You! Anyone who enjoys meaningful connection.

Q: What's the price?

A: You decide! Donate if you'd like.

Q: Okay! How do I sign up?

A: Head over to the sign-up page at Divine Wellness Community.

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