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I have teaching experience in many areas, such as kindergarten, English, and college admissions tests.

I offer online tutoring in these and other subjects via the platform ClassForThat. Here are the links for information on specific classes in these topics: SAT, ACT, college essay, writing, chess, and English.

(You have to register on ClassForThat to view the details. When registering, please enter my referral code: Will1)


For more information, please don't hesitate to reach out! Email Will at

And if you're looking for a deeper dive into your own life, there’s one other thing I’m doing… let’s call it the

Healing = getting your life in order on every possible level,

and helping other people get their lives in order.

I offer these modalities of guidance and healing:

Guided Meditative Self-Healing — I record a guided meditation specifically for you, to turbo-charge and lend clarity to this step of your healing journey.

          30 minutes $39

          60 minutes $70

To know yourself is to heal yourself!



Tarot reading ask about career, relationships, etc.

          30 minutes $30


birth chart reading (your overall way of being, gifts, challenges etc.)

        60 minutes — $80

birthday chart reading (focusing on the coming year—from one birthday to the next—we map life themes, challenges, blessings)

        30 minutes — $40

combination — birth chart and birthday chart

        70 minutes — $88

If you're sincerely wanting a deep dive into your journey of self-realization, I suggest you look into the Incubation program.

To book a service or for more information, contact me here or email Will at


      "Will has given me several astrology readings and I’ve found each one to be enlightening and helpful. Will clearly spends a great deal of time carefully curating these readings, and his personal touch makes them feel special. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for some perspective and guidance in thinking more clearly about their past, present, and future. I look forward to my next reading with Will!"

- Alex W.

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