Friendship and Lovely Paintings

This is my friend Kalsang. He's an artist who owns a painting shop in Kathmandu. Sitting and talking with him in his shop, surrounded by the beautiful paintings that cover the walls, I feel a sense of peace.

My wish is that these photos may give you an inkling of that same peace.

Kalsang recently tells me that what people really need, as the pandemic situation drags on, is spiritual power.

When I hear "spiritual power," I think of the feeling of being connected, centered, and open-hearted. I think of an overflowing sense of well-being.


In this sense of "spiritual power," I'd say Kalsang is exactly right. So many folks are struggling with anxiety, with fear, with keeping a basic sense of okayness. We need spiritual power.

In my experience, spiritual power doesn't really come from anywhere outside of ourselves. Yet, some things outside of ourselves (a song, a painting, the sun, the rain, a friend) can evoke the feeling of connection and well-being within us.

Most of the paintings in Kalsang's shop are in the thangka style from Tibetan Buddhism, but some are with a modern aspect.


One of his utmost concerns is the "feeling of the art." Each painting evokes in the viewer a different energy, a different mood.

If you'd like to purchase a painting, you can!

Most are within the range of US $30-200.

I'll return to the US soon, so you don't have to pay for shipping from Nepal.

Kalsang is happy to explain the symbolic meaning of the paintings, and also to give instructions about how to meditate with certain paintings, for people who want to do that.

As for me, I'm happy just to be around a painting that makes me feel a little more in love.

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