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incubation (n.): allowing inner dust to settle;


       the practice of seeing oneself clearly

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If you’re sincerely wanting to upgrade your life in a transformative way — to step into knowing and embodying more of your truest self — then incubation is for you.

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This one-on-one program offers you a path to self-knowledge that is direct, profound, and fiercely graceful.

The program is also highly adaptive based on the specific challenges you want to address, and your current intentions.

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The Full Circle Package consists of five 60-minute sessions. During the sessions we’ll use methods including interview, inquiry, meditation, personal guidance, written exercises.


The aim of this personal journey is to equip you with a toolbox of practices to reveal the many faces of the multifaceted jewel that you are  thus embodying your abundance, your power, your truth.


This is the standard format of the five sessions:

1. The Call to Adventure:

Magnifying Your Aim and Devotion

2. Peaks and Valleys:

Your Gifts, Challenges and Path

3. Into the Abyss:

Riding Your Dark Wolf​

4. The Graceful Return:

Self-Harmonizing and Self-Love

5. Master of Two Worlds:

Living Your Fullness

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You’ll walk away with a greater:

  • Connection to the thread of your life and what you're here for

  • Knowledge of how to break through your life's obstacles and recover a deep sense of ease

  • Freedom from emotional "stuckness" in memories and imagined futures

  • Joyful, loving, creative daily flow of life that deeply nourishes you and everyone you meet

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your life, in a new light


Full Circle Package


(five 60-minute 1-on-1 sessions, one personalized 40-minute guided meditation, and ongoing support/resources)





one 60-minute session — $80

To sign up or for a free consultation, reach out through the contact page, email Will at, or call (314) 249 2501

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Whether you swan dive or

belly flop into the abyss,

you'll be met with pure grace.

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